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Jesus the Christ

Jesus was conceived of a virgin woman Because He was born of a woman, Jesus was endowed with the biological faculties of human nature. And because Jesus was conceived through the Holy Spirit, He was endowed with the spiritual faculties of divine nature (John 1:1; Hebrews 1:8).

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*Life-Application Bible Study (all ages)

Do not think for a moment that God is playing "peek-a-boo" or "hide and seek" with the human mind. God wants us to know Him and of Him. God is near to us and our understanding (Acts 17:24-31).

Who is God?

What "denomination" or what kind of church is the Graceview Church of Christ?  We are not a denomination.  W are a fellowship of Christians who want to understand and do the will of God. We do limit ourselves by the word of God; therefore, we do not want to interpret the word through "tradition-tinted" ideologies. We are bound to no human-made creeds or traditions nor, do we defend denominational practices or institutions. Our Lord expects us to look beyond historical positions and ideas which conflict with scripture.  Therefore, we always ask, "What do precepts, principles, and precedents of scripture say to the situation?" We take our commitment to the building up of the body of Christ seriously.  This demands that we constantly recognize the tremendous diversity of gifts, and abilities and pertinent needs, within our family of faith.  Rather than expecting the members of our body to fit into a predetermined program, we tailor the ministry of the church to fit the needs of our living and growing church community.  
The diverse ministries of Graceview will offer growing believers the refreshment of mutual edification, just as a healthy body requires both challenge and refreshment.  Through dynamic small group interaction and programs geared to special segments of our fellowship, edification of the body of Christ is a vital part of the life of Graceview.    Our learning-integrated Bible school program extends well beyond the classroom and encourages children toward Christ-likeness in all their relationships with their peers.  The program provides a setting for students ranging from middle school through college-age to become prepared to make crucial life decisions.  By learning from a Biblical perspective, hopefully the students will not be negatively influenced by their peers.  Since they will be faced with pressure to conform to an artificial standard, it's imperative that students have a firm understanding of what is expected of them.   Our adult education opportunities will be "life changing."  The classes will give parents, couples, family members and professionals the tools they need to live a victorious Christian life every day of the week.

What Kind of Church Are We?


A guide for the chronic worrier. Backed by solid scriptural truths and penetrating examples, this life-changing book gives you a practical program to kick the worry habit for good!

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You have wondered if God listens to you when you pray, now you can know. You have wondered why your prayers aren't answered, now you can know. Yes, God, Listen! will unlock the door to answered prayers.


God answered. Others asked, We learned. Yes, Final Answer contains answers that God had already given to questions that you have always wanted to ask.

A better you begins with a grace view of God.